3 Great Summer Toys


“The Summer Slide” or often named “Summer Brain Drain” happens annually when schools let out for Summer. Children forget the skills and knowledge they learned in the previous school year. For instance, here’s a scary fact … on average, students lose between two to three months of math and reading skills each and every summer.

STEM toys are the perfect tool to keep kids’ minds fueled throughout the summer. The goal is to challenge kids to explore subjects that aren’t always covered in the classroom. Products like Magformers Amazing Sets, Kid’s First Big & Fun Microscope and smART sketcher Projector help kids develop these skills early on. As a result, kids have the confidence to achieve amazing things in the upcoming school year and as they grow up. 

smART sketcher Projector


Developed by the innovative Flycatcher Inc. team. The smART sketcher Projector allows children and adults to transform photos taken from their smart devices into a sketch.  Use the free smART sketcher app where photos are filtered and transferred via Bluetooth to the projector. Users will see their desired image projected onto paper. The smART sketcher Projector also comes with pre-loaded micro SD cards. Filled with step-by-step drawings, learn-to-write letters and numbers, early spelling skills, and more. Separate SD cards can be purchased to keep the creative learning going.

Kid’s First Big & Fun Microscope

KF-Microscope-3D This big, colorful microscope was designed specifically to enable young kids to have successful microscopic viewing experiences, and to be a fun tool for early biological investigations! The kit comes with 24 printed slides and one blank slide.  Also included is a storybook-style manual that instructs kids how to use the microscope.  In addition, this guides them on a series of introductory lessons.

Magformers Amazing Sets

Magformers Amazing Sets Click and create your own adventure with Magformers AMAZING Sets! Magformers are a magnetic construction toy where the possibilities are endless. Kids now have the opportunity to live out their dreams. They can become one of their dream professions. A firefighter, a police officer, and construction worker are part of the new Magformers AMAZING sets! Great for children aged 3 and up. Create 50 ideas with the follow-along idea booklet or build your own adventure!

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