9 Simple Sleep Guidelines That Can Make A Big Difference

Simple Sleep Guidelines brought to you by Newborn Angel Care

Getting a good night sleep when you’re a new parent is something you may think you’ll never see again. But if you can follow some basic sleep guidelines you’ll be surprised how that good night sleep is easier to achieve than you think.

These simple tips, used at any age can help your child ease into sleeping through the night:

1.  Check the temperature in their room. The ideal temperature for safe sleep is 68-72°.

2.  Make sure they’re eating enough throughout the day.

3.  Always keep bedtime and wake-up time the same every day.

4.  Start winding down with quiet play after dinner. Avoid stimulating activities.

5.  Use a sound machine or App, preferably with brown noise as it helps open the neuro pathways.

6.  Keep the room as dark as possible with blackout curtains.

7.  Have a bedtime routine. Keep it simple with a song or short book. Choose something you can do every night. A bath is nice, but it can’t always be done every night.

9 Simple Sleep Guidelines

8.  Always put to bed drowsy but awake. Avoid falling asleep during last feed or they will always need you to fall back asleep.

9.  Don’t run to your to your baby every time they wake up. When the baby wakes up listen to them — is it a fuss or a cry? If it’s a fuss let them figure it out. If it’s a cry, encourage them to go back to sleep with a pat, shush or pacifier.

Always follow safe sleep guidelines by putting your baby to sleep on their back. No blankets, no stuffed animals and no pillows in the crib.

Dianne Mayor, Sleep Consultant

Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist

Dianne Mayor works with newborns through toddlers. You can find all the services she provides for parents on www.newbornangelcare.com

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