9th Bridge School

There are a vast array of choices when it comes to education across the Valley. One stand out is the 9th Bridge School located in Downtown Las Vegas. 9th Bridge School is a NAEYC accredited school, which means they excel at the following 10 standards: relationships, curriculum, teaching, assessment, health, staff, families, community, physical environment, and leadership. The mission is to cultivate independent thinkers and creative problem solvers.

9th Bridge School

They recognize the value of teaching empathy in the classroom. ¬†They’ve been weaving it into their academic curriculum even down to some of their youngest students. The educators at 9th Bridge have found that empathy taught at early ages provides students with the proper tools to succeed across all subjects as well as throughout their life. 9th Bridge School has a project-based learning approach, and by allowing students to select the theme of their academics, they’ll be more engaged in the “who” of their studies. This way of teaching has cultivated an awareness of emotional well-being, as well as having empathy for others during their academic advancement.

The students are able to use empathy tools throughout their school days such as a Peace Corner and a Kindness Jar. If students feel a break in learning is needed they can utilize the Peace Corner. This provides them with tools to go back and participate effectively in the lesson, such as silly putty, a sand timer, multiple puppets to act out how they are feeling, or listening to classical music to calm their bodies and minds.


9th bridge school
Photos courtesy of 9th Bridge School


Students have most recently concluded a learning initiative about space. They learned what different cultures study and think about space exploration, as well as learning how different technologies today help us view the solar system and its parts. They also discuss space through folk tales and ancient legends to gain insight into views of the past. Students worked on projects to create their own planets.  They then presented their work to parents, which helped them apply public-speaking techniques.

Teaching students about different cultures. Acknowledging different perspectives. Empathizing with a variety of views. These are the values that make 9th Bridge School unlike any other.


For more information visit: 9thbridgeschool.org

Currently enrolling for the 2019-20 school year

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