9th Bridge School

A Las Vegas School Ahead of It’s Time

When you first walk through the doors at 9th Bridge School, you know you’ve entered a special place. There’s a sign on the wall that reads:

Inside We…


Use Soft Voices

Stay with Your Adult

Wait for Adult to Open Gate

It could have easily read: “No running. Don’t yell. No opening the gate.” But 9th Bridge School refrains from using negatives and keeps all language positive.

Founded by Connie Yeh, 9th Bridge School opened it’s doors in 2013. Inspired by the passionate local people she met, Connie decided to follow her own passion and collaborate with the community to create a school as unique as Las Vegas itself. The community involvement allows for learning to extend beyond the four walls of the classroom. Once a church, this building has been renovated to house the teaching of the future movers and shakers of the world.

Photo: Emily Wilson Photography

9th Bridge School, Where Learning Becomes a True Discovery Process

With a mission statement that reads, “Our mission is to cultivate independent thinkers and creative problem solvers” you know you aren’t in your everyday cookie-cutter school.

Rooms are equipped with sliding walls so classes can interact with each other. Outside walls roll up like garage doors to extend learning outside. Students’ interests guide the teaching to ensure learning becomes a true discovery process. The incredible playground provides plenty of shade from the Vegas sun and the space boasts artwork done by students themselves.

Photo: Emily Wilson Photography

There’s a garden, a massive sandbox, a community lounge, an outdoor stage, and a cozy library. The intent is to keep students involved in their own lessons, which teaches them to grow as individuals. It’s truly a hands-on school. A private school (scholarships available),

9th Bridge school stands out in more ways than one and proves to be a smart investment in your child’s future.

Schedule a tour today and see for yourself why 9th Bridge School is changing the way we think about classroom learning.

Update: 7/31/18

9th Bridge School, Las Vegas’ premier early childhood and elementary school is honored to announce their achievement in being recognized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and receiving accreditation for its early childhood education programming.

The esteemed title is chosen by the nation’s top early childhood development professionals. To become accredited, 9th Bridge’s curriculum met the criteria of 10 quality tested standards of learning including relationships, curriculum, teaching, assessment of child progress, health, staff competencies, families, community relationships, physical environment and leadership. 9th Bridge School joins 14 other schools in the Las Vegas Valley to be awarded this achievement.

NAEYC accredited programs instill confidence in parents to the standard of curriculum their child will be receiving as well as establish a commitment to and understanding of quality learning in both teachers and staff. The research-backed initiative shows that quality early education can set children on a path for better understanding of their world and success for their future.

For more information about 9th Bridge School, or to request a tour visit www.9thbridgeschool.org or call 702-724-1436. For more information about NAEYC accreditation visit www.naeyc.org.

9th Bridge School

310 S 9th Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101



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