“Arriba Las Mamas”

“Arriba Las Mamas” is a group of bilingual and bicultural mothers founded in Las Vegas by Joelly Favela. Joelly is a life and family coach (Aura By Joelly), a podcaster (La Llave Podcast), and a mother of three.

Motherhood can clearly be a mix of emotions and feel like a roller coaster at times. From juggling careers, reaching goals, keeping up with daily tasks, oh and remembering to nurture ourselves. At times we may feel alone. The intention of this group is to bring mothers together, share our lessons, uplift, support (personally & professionally), and bond.

Arriba Las Mamas

We strive to learn how we can embrace our beautiful culture through our journey of motherhood. We meet once, every few months, for play dates and/or mommy activities.

Benefits of Being in a Mom Group:


Becoming a mom doesn’t come with a manual. Many times we stress ourselves out with the thought of being a crappy parent. No one can understand a mother better than another mother. Being in a mom group makes it easy to find a listening ear and helping hands.


Join a group of moms you can relate to. Perhaps a group of ladies with whom you share similar journeys with, backgrounds, or goals. Sharing ideas and lessons become valuable advice.


Many women tend to lose themselves and friendships when they become mothers, especially first-time moms. Joining a mom group is a great way to make new friends. Once you have developed those friendships, planning outings is a great stress reliever and it’s always great to get out of your normal routines.

Professional and Personal Growth

It’s always amazing to be surrounded by uplifting women. Magic tends to happen when a room full of women come together. You’ll begin to find other moms who will act as your cheerleader when it comes to doing the things you want to do. Remember, you don’t have to give up on your dreams because you become a mom.


When joining a mommy group you begin to show up for yourself. We must remember that we can’t pour from an empty cup. Mommy groups remind us of the importance of self-love. Showing up for different events and seeing the results of caring for ourselves is very encouraging. Also, witnessing the positive changes in other mothers practicing self-love alleviates the guilt.

FriendshipRemember, mothers don’t get every moment right, and that’s okay. We rarely hold the perfect balance but sometimes the stars align and we are exactly where our children need us to be, doing exactly what they need us to do. You got this mama! I believe in you.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Arriba Las Mamas, please email us at AurabyJoelly@gmail.com

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