Baxter Goes to Imagination Land

We all have that one remarkable book that made us believe we could be anything we wanted all while reaching for our dreams. For this reason, as a parent, I’m always trying to cultivate my kids’ interest in reading. We find great stories in all kinds of books. Picture books. Board books. Chapter books. We recently found one that really stands out.

Jennifer Hart, a local Las Vegas writer and art director, has written a gem with her book Baxter Goes To Imagination Land. This is Jennifer’s first foray into the children’s literature realm, and she has knocked it out of the park. The reader will find out what it means to look deeper into their own imagination with the fresh eyes of Baxter, her dog. The pictures are a pure delight to view, while you follow along with Baxter on his adventure visiting unknown places. Baxter Goes To Imagination Land is a great story that teaches kids to use their own imagination when dealing with new experiences and learning how to be kind.

Baxter Goes to Imagination Land

Letting kids know that their imagination is a safe and comfortable place to travel will surely ease their mind when navigating through this thing called life. Books like Hart’s also encourage them to seek adventure and reach for their own peanut butter and jelly mountains.

Reading to your kids is not just a great activity for them to learn and embark on new adventures, but also for you as parents, grandparents or friends alike. Showing kids the power of the story will change their lives in more ways than one.

Be sure to pick up your copy of the book HERE and a copy of the newly published coloring book, Baxter Returns to Imagination Land HERE. Prepare to see your little one’s creative juices flow!

Written by Michelle Vance

Michelle Vance is a local Las Vegas writer, wife and mom. She has two children 4 and 6 years old. She loves to get out and explore everything Las Vegas has to offer, all while sharing her experiences and helpful nuggets of info with other local moms to help make navigating motherhood just a little bit easier.

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