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    Comedic Kids Search

    Do you have a funny story about a little one in your family and want to share it?  Then of course, we want to hear it!  Because kids do and say some hilarious stuff, we have a feature called Comedic Kids in every issue.  We can finally share and laugh about these moments that another person can probably relate to.  Still not sure what to send?  Send us any funny moment, for example, here is one of our favorite Comedic Kids moments!     “My 6 year old son, Troy, wasn’t sharing his water with his cousin.  So I decided not to share my pie with him.  Troy then says to me, “You’re being rude, Mom, a lot ruder than you used to be!”  I guess I’ve gotten “ruder” over the past few years, ha!” -Alex N. (Mom)

    Send us your favorite funny moment and it could be featured in an issue!

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