Cooking with Your Child Can Help Tame Those “Terrible Twos”

Cooking With Your Child

Two-year-olds can present a major challenge to parents. This is the time a toddler expresses his or her independence. Young minds get frustrated easily and their frustration can quickly turn into unwanted behavior. However, the kitchen may hold the perfect recipe for taming your child’s “terrible twos.” Here are some tips on how to cook with kids and make it fun for everyone.

Cooking with Toddlers

Stop and Sample the Food

Don’t be in a hurry with toddlers in the kitchen. When you prepare fruits and vegetables, let your child feel, smell, and taste the foods. This enhances the experience and they’ll want to take part.

Spice it Up

Introduce young children to the world of savory and pungent spices. Open containers and let them take in exciting new aromas. Show them how to add spices to foods by placing some in their hands and letting them add it to the recipe.

Cleaning Up

Little children can help with cleanup duties if you’ll exercise patience and understanding. Here are some common kitchen chores most tow-year-olds can handle:

Washing produce

Table wiping

Bringing things to you


Pleasant Memories

So often, parents have a hard time in the kitchen because they leave the kids out. When you teach kids to cook, you create sweet memories for you and the children.

Choose Fast Recipes

Small children are impatient for results, so select easy to prepare recipes. Your child can help you make sandwiches or create a sweet and tasty smoothie. Remember, teaching kids to cook is a slow process because little children have short attention spans. Patience, patience, patience.

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