Readers’ Choice Cover Baby Contest

We created the Readers’ Choice Cover Baby Contest because we see so many adorable kids when we’re out at events. Many people have asked “How can my baby be on the cover?” We only do five issues a year and couldn’t imagine being posed with the impossible task of picking a Cover Baby ourselves, so we decided to run a voting based contest and let you choose. We wanted this to be a fun way for the community to engage and pick the next Cover Baby! For most of the contest, it did just what we intended. It was fun mixed with some healthy competition. The votes were coming in and there was a battle for first place going back and forth. We loved seeing so much excitement generated around the contest, and the support for all of these adorable kids.

But then, during the last 24 hours of the contest, some internet trolls thought it would be fun to mess with the votes. So to be fair, we shut down the contest a day early. We also decided that there was just no way to select a winner. Even if we removed the votes from the last 24 hours of the contest, the results might always be questioned, given what happened. Despite our disappointment, we hatched an idea that was even better than our original plan.

To turn a negative into a positive, we decided instead of picking one winner from all of the adorable participants, we’d make them all winners. The Cover Baby would become Cover Babies!

We organized a Group Cover Photo Shoot with the wonderful Brianne Hidalgo Photos + Films. The Smith Center graciously hosted us for an afternoon on the Symphony Park lawn and we did our group photo in front of the iconic Pipe Dream Wall. We invited all of the participants to come out for refreshments, goodies and giveaways and to celebrate our amazing contestants. It was so special for us to meet some of the families and have some fun. Thank you to those that were able to make it and for braving the heat!

Check out all of our entrants (in order of entry) and some photos from our Cover Shoot!

WARNING: Cuteness overload may occur!

Cover Babies

Cover Babies

Cover Babies

Cover Babies

Thank you to all of our families that entered the contest and for your support of Las Vegas Baby Magazine. Also a very special thanks to Brianne Hidalgo Photos + Films and The Smith Center.

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