Greatest Gift

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It’s that time of year again.. you know the time where smiles and kindness are shared more frequently, and when anxieties can be more heightened. You go through your list of gift-giving…

DoulaToy trains for Timmy,

A baby doll for Sally,

The gift cards and mugs for the teachers,

Cookie trays for the crossing guard, the postmaster, and the neighbors.

The perfect white elephant gift for your office party.

Then you pause. Your sister recently had a baby. You’ve already purchased the best gift for the baby, but what’s the perfect gift for a new mom that you love and adore? You think back to those early years of when Timmy and Sally were newborns. The long days — and the really short nights — flash through your mind. Gosh, to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a long warm shower, and a yummy meal prepped and ready for you. You’re able to do that again, but you also know that your sister is about to go through that life stage when self-pampering isn’t a priority.

It hits you! Since your trip to visit and pamper your sister is still weeks away, you decide to gift the next best thing … the greatest gift for a new family.


With a few clicks of the keyboard, you’ve researched and reached out to a few, local-to-your-sister, doula agencies and bought a gift certificate to the perfect match.

Your sister calls you upon receiving the gift of support, and cries with joy as she explains her time with her doula. She admits to being apprehensive to the thought at first, and decided that if the gesture was from you, it means something. Your sister gushes over the conversation as she shares her day and appreciation for the professional expert support. You say your good-byes and see you soon.

You know that the gift of support goes beyond gadgets and loving sentiments. Providing support for a new family, is the greatest gift one can give.


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