Going On a Color Walk: It Has More Benefits Than You Thought

There’s something enticing about the words “color walk.” It sounds fun, bright, and mysterious. And isn’t that exactly the kind of thing that will grab your kids’ attention? But a color walk has all kinds of benefits. It incorporates exercise with the outdoors and encourages children to focus their attention on their surroundings. Kids take time to breathe and to focus their mind on one task; noticing the colors around them.

Color WalkThe aim of a color walk is simple: to notice the colors in the environment. Simply go outside with your child, take a walk, and look at the colors around you. Whether you take a walk in your neighborhood or a hike at Mt. Charleston, there will be an array of colors waiting to be noticed. During a color walk in your neighborhood, you could play a game with your child to spot different colored cars. You may also observe the colors of the clothes of passers-by, or of storefronts. In the mountains, encourage your child to notice the colors of different flowers, trees, butterflies and insects. The fun part about a color walk is that it’s always changing depending on the season or the weather.

Enhance Your Color Walk

You can enhance the basic color walk by setting tasks for your child, such as asking them to search for items that are their favorite colors. Can they find an object for every color of the rainbow? You may find that your child starts talking naturally about the things they notice and that they want to share their findings. If your color walk become a regular activity, then extra activities can be incorporated, such as a camera or paper and colored pencils — so your child can take photos of or draw the things they identify.


The photos and drawings can be looked at and discussed later to enhance the experience and to remind your child of the things they noticed; enabling you to share another mindful experience together and also helping your child to take pride in their findings.

Colorful WalkGoing on a color walk can be beneficial for both children and adults. Walking with the purpose to pay attention to the outdoors teaches children to take a moment, to focus their minds, order their thoughts and appreciate their surroundings.

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