Imalac Debuts “Nurture” at CES 2019

For the first time, two nursing mothers from the Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition (SNBC) became a part of CES history by demonstrating Nurture by Imalac LIVE.

Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition

Imalac, a medical technology company, unveiled Nurture by Imalac for today’s modern mom at CES 2019. Nurture is a breast pump accessory that makes a pump work better. By providing gentle, hands-free massage, it reduces pump time and increases milk output. Using Nurture in conjunction with a breast pump has shown a reduction in pump time by 72% and full emptying of the breast, correlating to up to 32% more milk per pumping session.

Nurture Bra2

How Does Nurture by Imalac Work?

“Nurture came to life after I spent some time as an investor and board member of a biomedical incubator that I was working on, but it ultimately failed in creating a solution to help breastfeeding mothers improve their pumping experience. My co-founder and daughter Rachael Kish was nursing her first child at the time and volunteered to be a beta tester,” said Noreen Sablotsky, Co-Founder of Imalac. “The company’s goal resonated with both of us so when Rachael got pregnant with her second child, she convinced me that we needed to create a solution ourselves. That’s when we started Imalac,” Noreen added.

Nurture Bra

Nurture by Imalac Logo

Photos courtesy of Imalac and Autumn Wake

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