It’s the Holidays!


Let us introduce you to Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats. Their five-song holiday album, It’s the Holidays, will explore and delight your kid’s senses with some funky-fresh beats. Take your nursery rhymes off repeat and enjoy the unique way Lucy and her band get the whole family into the holiday spirit with their energetic jazz music — it’s a new and engaging sound for families to enjoy.

“Grateful,” with its upbeat tempo, gives the important reminder about what this season is all about. After the song is over, ask your kids what they’re most grateful for — yes, even their toys can count if you listen to the tune closely. While snow is something we scarcely see in Las Vegas, kids will love “It’s Snowing” because, well, the white stuff is such a novelty here.

Desert kids love to grab their warm winter mittens at any opportunity, to have some fun and dream about playing in the snow. The band manages to unite all humankind with “It’s the Holiday’s,” in a joyous and lively remembrance of all the celebrations that take place during this time. “That’s a Wrap,” shows us to ring in the coming year with positivity and optimism, and a great tap solo, always.

It’s a short five-song album, but the entire play list is filled with uplifting and enjoyable sounds the whole family will surely enjoy. Look no further and download, Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats It’s the Holidays today!

Bonus: “My Mommy is a Mummy” is a spooky, yet playful song to add to your playlist next Halloween.

Written by: Michelle Vance


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