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Just Jacqui: Personal Styling Tips for Women On-The-Go

Being a mother is the greatest joy and has been the most rewarding, and hardest role in my life. I wouldn’t change any of it. I’m so grateful for the valuable life lessons my son has taught me. Learning how to be able to balance being an amazing Mom and an entrepreneur with two successful businesses in Real Estate and as an online Fashion Stylist. Being a wife, Autism advocate, Cancer thriver, philanthropist, triathlete and fashion goddess, well that takes a lot of passion and love.

Personal Styling Tips

Effortless grab-and-go outfits that make me look glam are priceless. Yes, you have permission to wear sneakers or flats … and own it. I love throwing on a dress and rocking sneakers. I’ve always loved wearing high heels but by the end of the evening I’m in agony. Having the confidence to pair a dress and sneakers makes me feel even more powerful and my feet thank me at the end of the day. High waisted trousers with a crop top (trust me, my crop tops are amazing and still cover the stomach) or shorts with a coordinating top make you look chic without spending a lot of time to get ready.

Personal Styling Tips

What’s HOT?

Pantones color of the year is Living Coral. Adding a beautiful tank top in coral can brighten up any wardrobe and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Pair it with white jeans or shorts for a stunning look or with a skirt with pockets. Because pockets are LIFE!

What to wear for Wedding Season?

Why would you buy a dress that you’ll wear only once? The Queens dress is perfection for a wedding, date night, or throw on a blazer and wear it for work. The genius in this dress is the extra room that is given in the stomach area. As a woman who has had a baby, I can’t get enough of this dress, and people compliment me every time I wear it.

All day, everyday outfits.

Versatile clothes that can be doubled as a skirt or turned into a dress are treasures to be had for the season. Just throw on your bathing suit with The Brooklyn skirt with the yoga band waist for vacation mode. It will blow you away.

Let’s talk about bags, baby!

I have a confession to make … I’ve stopped spending a lot of money on bags. Pause for reaction.

This is where you can save by checking out your thrift shops. All of my clutches come from thrift shops. I have a collection of them in sequins, glitter, satin, bejeweled, solid colors and some neutrals. Nothing makes me feel more glamorous than heading out for date night, networking event, girl’s night or a charity event than a clutch on my arm. I always make sure that my phone fits in the clutch, it’s a must before I purchase it. Backpacks have come a long way, and can hold the essential baby items, or your laptop. Tj Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory have some great options at excellent prices.

How to shop: BreakfastatPiphanys.com

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  1. Jacqui takes the stress and mystery out of Fashion. She has broken it down to simple elements that create the perfect individualized style with personality.

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