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VegasFamilyDoulasWe all know that saying “knowledge is power!” and it’s true! Knowing and educating yourself on matters that are important to you will, in fact, provide you with the power to be informed and make your decisions. However, not all knowledge is helpful or even true. Some information could indeed be false or even damaging. So when you are expecting and looking for the best knowledge you can find about all things bump and baby, what should you look for in a course? These tips below will help guide you in making decisions that are best for you and your family.


Days of the week and times are a big impact on where one chooses to take a childbirth education class, a newborn care class or a breastfeeding class. And while this makes sense, do not let it hinder your chances for attending a top notch course. Make arrangements for childcare. Plan to take the time off of work. Schedule the class in your calendar as an appointment. We are much less likely to cancel an appointment.

Keep in mind that free does not always equal better. Thankfully, there are hospitals and clinics that provide free courses and classes on a variety of childrearing topics. These classes are informative and provide the convenience of being in a space that you’re familiar with. These classes are often taught by a hospital employee who knows the policies. Free classes also generally cover the basics of the title subject often due to time and space of the facility and facilitator being on the clock.

Another wonderful option is hiring an expert for a private class or paying to attend a class. This method offers a wide variety of topics that are not normally included in the free classes, such as baby wearing, cloth diapering, baby food making, infant massage, and many more. A paid class tends to provide a more personal experience as well. Classes can generally range from $25 to $225 here in Las Vegas.

Location, Location, Location

Location is another factor that should not deter you from taking a class. We will travel across town for the best slice of pizza in the Valley, why not travel for the best pieces of information in the Valley! Plan your route and allow for time to travel to and from with traffic. Make it “you-time” and shop or grab a meal before or after the class. Some classes are held in a hospital classroom, while others are set in an office space. There are classes held in yoga studios, libraries, in-home, etc. Selecting a space that makes you feel the most comfortable and able to retain information without distraction is as important as the physical location. Atmosphere is everything.


Who’s teaching the class? Are they trained or self-taught? Is there an accreditation for the course or is the course the brainchild of the facilitator? Is the training fact-based, opinion-based or show bias? Some classes teach basic general information that it is perfectly acceptable for your average facilitator to teach. Other classes take training and skill to adequately relay to expecting and new parents.

While the guidelines to childrearing and the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics are general and easily accessible; the flair, personality and meat of the course is all at the mercy of the facilitator. Doing a quick background search on the facilitator’s training, expertise, and credentials allows you to better understand what to expect at the training.

We’re lucky in the Las Vegas Valley to house a plethora of different courses and classes by experienced birth professionals. From Childbirth Education to Newborn Basics, and from Breastfeeding to Bottle Feeding, you’re covered. From Cloth Diapers to Babywearing, and from Postpartum to Parenting and more, there’s a course for you! A quick Google search or a keyword search on Facebook will open up a floodgate of classes to support you in your journey. Happy Learning!

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