Let Us Introduce You to La Llave

Joelly Favela and George Anthony want to spread hope and love in the Las Vegas community … and beyond. To them, the best way to do that is through laughter and good company. Which is why they started La Llave, an hour-long podcast where los compadres provide a judgement-free space for good conversation over drinks. Every week they share stories with family, friends, experts, and everyday inspiring people.

You can find a new episode every Monday morning to start your week on the right foot. Subscribe to their show via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube.

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Las Vegas Baby Magazine is excited to announce that Joelly will be sharing her unique parenting journey with us on raising her children bilingual and bicultural. Stay tuned!

La Llave

Meet Joelly Favela

Joelly Favela was born and raised in Las Vegas. For Joelly her happy place is being with her husband and two beautiful boys. Her faith and spirituality are very important; “My tribe of angels is strong.” She tries to make the best out of every situation and has learned that the best lessons in life are accomplished by working through her pain. Joelly firmly believes that la llave, the key, to find yourself is in the service of others. Equality, appreciation for every moment in life and respect for others are also key to finding happiness.

Her mission in life is to spread as much love and hope into the world. She believes that the more love we spread, the better the world becomes. The better the world becomes, the better the future becomes. The better the future becomes, our hope for the next generation becomes greater.


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