Let’s Get Physical!


We all know we should work out, but with busy family schedules and the hot summer months it can feel like a daunting task. What if I were to tell you that you don’t have to participate in any formal physical activities to get a good exercise in?

That you can move for the fun of it and that can equal a great workout. Research shows that 20 minutes of kid-type, stop-and-start exercise can be equal to, or have even greater benefits than, 60 minutes of walking. That’s right! Playtime can equal exercise for the whole family.

Let's Get Physical

Here are 20 activities that will get you and your whole family moving:

  1. Turn on music and dance.Jump on the trampoline.
  2. Jump on the trampoline.Ride bikes.
  3. Ride bikes.
  4. Garden together.
  5. Toss a softball or baseball around.
  6. Play a game of basketball.
  7. Have a hula hoop competition.
  8. Go for a family hike.
  9. Jump rope with your kids.
  10. Clean the house as a family.
  11. Play hide-and-seek.
  12. Have a water fight.
  13. Do yoga as a family.
  14. Play hopscotch.
  15. Go swimming.
  16. Play a game of tag.
  17. Go geocaching (a treasure hunting game where you use GPS to hide and seek containers.)
  18. Play superheroes.
  19. Have a pillow fight.
  20. Play on a playground – go down the slides, up the stairs, balance on the beam – create an obstacle course.

I know it can be easy in our busy lives as parents to let good exercise habits fall to the wayside. I want to encourage you to set a timer for 20+ minutes, pick one of these activities to do, then get up and have some fun!

Small increments of exercise are better than none at all. When you incorporate activities like these into your day, not only are you on your way to good health, but you’re also spending quality time with your family!

I would say that’s a win, win for any parent.

Janelle JohngrassJanelle Johngrass is a Mother of 3 and certified family health coach who lives in downtown Las Vegas. She specializes in educating and supporting women on their path to healthy pregnancies and healthy families with an emphasis on lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. You can connect with her through her website www.knowmommy.com and schedule a free consult. Mention this article and receive 10% off any of her services.

Written by Janelle Johngrass, Founder of Know Mommy

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