Meet Ronda Wynn

The Las Vegas Mom who has fostered over 30 children, has her own biological kids and runs several local businesses.

Foster parenting has a reputation.

There are so many opinions and stories surrounding the subject that some people might not ever consider it.

We met with Ronda Wynn who has fostered over 30 kids. One of her latest adventures includes foster advocacy for anybody considering it or who is curious about it.

We can’t wait to tell you more about this amazing woman!

Meet Ronda WynnRonda has spent over 20 years as a corporate trainer, career coach and workshop facilitator. As an Empowerment Coach, she helps women overcome obstacles that are keeping them from transitioning into a life that they love.

Ronda’s coaching approach is centered on transformational conversations that create a sense of self-awareness, motivation, problem-solving, and over all well-being.

We sat down with Ronda to learn how her fostering journey began:

“In 1993 my mom decided to become a foster parent for medically fragile children in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time, I was 16 years old and pregnant with my first child. These circumstances created a very open-minded, flexible, patient, and compassionate woman. After working side by side with my mom in our new blended family household for 7 years, I finally took the plunge  and became a licensed foster parent in my own home. When I accepted my first placement at the age of 24, I was a single working mom of 3.

Meet Ronda Wynn

I moved back and forth between Ohio and Arizona after college for various career opportunities; I accepted placements with each move. In 2014 I met my husband in Arizona while I was fostering two children. Rich was a single dad raising his preteen daughter, so he was up for a non-traditional family structure. In 2014, career opportunities brought us to Nevada. We have fostered 15 children so far in Las Vegas, and we look forward to opening our hearts and homes to more!”

Meet Ronda Wynn

Q & A Sessions

If you or someone you know has ever considered becoming a foster parent, Rich and Ronda host regular Q & A sessions for those curious about how the process works. You can join Rich and Ronda Wynn for a very candid informational session and get your questions answered.

This is your chance to get all of the awkward questions answered and myths debunked. With Ronda being a seasoned member of the foster parenting community for over 25 years and Rich being fairly new, they provide a valuable and unique perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ronda answers some FAQs about being a foster parent.

Q: How do you deal with the emotions that come when fostering a child ends?

A: “It’s an ongoing relationship that lasts beyond foster care. In fact, I still keep in touch with most of the kids I’ve cared for over the years.”

Q: What, if any, relationship do you have with the biological parent of a child you are fostering?

A: “Our relationship with biological parents are like a partnership. We want to do our best to be a support system to the biological parents while they’re working through the reunification process and even after the kids are reunified. We consider ourselves to be extended family like an aunt or an uncle after reunification.”

Q: What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a foster parent?

A: “The best advice that I would give to someone considering being a foster parent is to know your lifestyle and know your parenting style. If you know your hot button triggers and what is very challenging for you as a parent, then you can do your due diligence and ask the right questions when it’s time for placement.

I would also recommend talking to a veteran foster parent to find out what they’ve done well, what they’ve done wrong and what they like most and least about being a foster parent.”

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Written by: Brianne Hidalgo

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