Mommy and Me Workout Tips

Mommy and Me workout tips brought to you by FIT4MOM Las Vegas

Curious about Stroller Strides®? This is one of the most complete fitness programs we’ve ever seen for Moms. Power walking. Jogging. Strength intervals. Body toning. It’s called Stroller Strides® from FIT4MOM Las Vegas. And the best part of all: You can do everything with your child.

Looking for a great workout but don’t want to sacrifice time away from your little one? Mommy and Me workouts are the way to go. Here are four of our favorite tips for using Stroller Strides® … and having amazing experiences every time out.

Come Prepared

Pack that diaper bag to be prepared for whatever obstacles may come your way during your sweat session. Extra clothes, diapers, wipes and an extra milk supply never hurts … whether you’re nursing or formula feeding be sure to pack extra bottles or join a workout where no one will bat an eye if you stop to nurse your baby in between sets. For the older kiddos … special snacks for your Mommy and Me workout time are a great treat for toddlers.

Change the Scenery

We love the fact that the majority of Stroller Strides® workouts are outdoors AND mobile so moms and kiddos can take in the beautiful blue skies and fresh air during their workouts. Does your baby have a stroller buddy? Set them up facing each other so they can socialize during your strengthening and toning sets.


If you’re at a Stroller Strides® or Stroller Barre class, fitness instructors are sure to pack in the “fun for baby” kid’s songs, storytimes, and interactive play. But it never hurts to bring along some of your child’s favorite things. Maybe it’s a stuffed animal, a book, or for the older kids their very own bubbles to help the instructor out during bubble time.

Most importantly, bring the right mindset

Do the best you can and give yourself a pat on the back for dedicating time for your health and wellness WHILE bonding with your baby. And be sure to find a supportive workout community, a village that can relate to YOU and let you know every single day that you are an incredible mother who is out there setting a positive example for her family. If you haven’t checked out FIT4MOM, we’d love to meet you at a class!


by Jessica Peralta, BSN

Mom, Wife and Owner of

FIT4MOM Las Vegas

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