Not Your Average Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom can be an exciting and freeing time. After all, who doesn’t love polishing off an entire container of bonbons in their bathrobe?

Not Your Average Mom

OK, now back to reality. All kidding aside, the decision of whether or not to stay at home is right for your family can be a tough one. The truth is, no matter how beautiful it may sound, staying at home will at times be boring, monotonous, and can make you a wee bit crazy. As Mom’s we need to seek out other information to feed our minds as much as possible — and I mean information beyond Facebook posts, Instagram feeds, and so much baby information, which let’s face it may be all you have time for these days. Every so often it takes someone else providing an idea that lights a spark inside you again and who knows you may gather some non-Mom knowledge for your next Mom’s night out.

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your brain engaged while rocking life as a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom):

Beat feeding time boredom with a great podcast.

This is a great way to escape by learning something new or hearing about someone else’s extraordinary life for a while. Getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby is a daunting task, but having something to look forward to that keeps you occupied may be an oh-so-simple thing to make that time spent a little bit enjoyable.

Make your life a little more exciting, get an in-home assistant, with Alexa, or Google Home.

Who doesn’t need an extra set of hands once in a while? All the big tech companies provide inexpensive tools that can do everything like play your favorite music, make your grocery list, convert measurements for recipes, and answer your kid’s homework questions (see you’re resourceful, Mom!). Kids can enjoy them too. In-home assistants have interactive games and they encourage kids to create their own stories or have a good dance party. And they answer all those questions about that one dinosaur you just can’t talk about for one more minute.

Read that new sought-after bestseller everyone’s been talking about because it’s not going to read itself.

I like to use audiobooks because they invite me to get lost in a great mystery or love story or that biography I’ve been meaning to finish. Someone reading to you is a guilty pleasure you might learn to love. Even though you may like holding an actual book, the time or energy to finish after a long day of “Momming” might not be there. Books can help you fill those daily down times when you find yourself scrolling through social media because you only have 10 minutes. You most likely read a lot to your littles and you deserve a reading break too.

There’s an app for that.

Yes, apps can help you figure out those “there has to be a better way” moments. Maybe it is something to keep you and your family’s calendar running like a well-oiled machine. Or perhaps an app that lets you know what stage of the game your baby is currently in. Or an app that alerts you to the news in your neighborhood. These are mind-saving tools that will make you think you’ve got it all together, even if you are still late to the soccer game, you showed up on the right day probably thanks to your apps!

No matter what you choose to pass the time, clear your brain from all the Mom info, take a break from being Insta-Perfect and enjoy learning, hearing or laughing at something new.

Written By Michelle Vance

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