It’s Park Season, Vegas!

Park Season, Las Vegas!

Yes, Vegas – that crisp fall air will get here eventually, or maybe you enjoy the last remnants of the summer sun and heat. No matter your preference it’s officially the best time of year. We call it “park season.” So get outside and have the kiddos run off some steam. Trust us, you’ll be thankful at bedtime when that fresh air has inevitably tired them out and they quickly drift into dreamland. An often overlooked benefit of the recent Vegas construction boom is that with each new development that goes up, generally a new park is added for locals to enjoy. That means more green space within the desert landscape. Here are some helpful items to have on hand in your car or bag, so that you can fully enjoy your usual park or when you stumble upon a new local gem.

Metal WaterBottle

It’s still Vegas, after all. Keeping those little ones hydrated is key to a happy day for all. Use a metal water bottle to keep drinks cool all day, they reduce condensation and are spill-proof (a must when trying to handle all the stuff these kiddos need throughout the day). Plus they’re good for the earth and that’s something that we all could incorporate a little more of in our lives.


Carry a folded-up sheet in the back of your vehicle, or a picnic-ready waterproof blanket. You’ll thank yourself when you find a spot for lunch in the grass. Not to mention, it makes it harder for friendly ants to join your picnic.  Unless you like that sort of thing, then the more the merrier. Just grab your go to blanket and throw it in your trunk now.  You never know when you’ll see a park and want to enjoy some fresh air.

First Aid Kit

Keeping a kit in the car is helpful. But just a ziplock of Band-Aids in your bag goes a long way, for those unexpected little, sometimes invisible scrapes that only a cool character Band-Aid can fix. Every season I buy a box of Band-Aids to restock my car and bags because somehow they all disappear by season’s end.


Keep the spf coming even in the fall months. It’s one thing we need to remember to keep our kiddos safe even on rare cloudy days here in Vegas. If your kiddo will keep a hat on their cute little head, that would go hand in hand with our sunscreen recommendation. Just another layer to help keep the strong sun off their baby skin. And add some cool shades, you never know when that perfect picture moment may present itself.


I’m sure you know these little creatures, cute as they are, require major snacks throughout the day to sustain them. And somehow the park brings out the extra “I’m hungry” vibes. Goldfish, graham cracker cookies, applesauce packs, or gummy treats are almost always found in my bag for any park trip. Easy and most of the time a satisfying answer to their call.

Small Comfort Toys

These have been a staple in my bag since my kiddos were small. Maybe toy cars, a ball or their favorite action figure. They give them something to do at any moment.  Whether at an appointment waiting, the library play area or at the grocery store. It can give them something to hold onto while they take in the different scenery the park has to offer, since they may not have mastered climbing, swinging or even running, just yet. They’re happy to have a familiar toy with them to still enjoy the park and being outside.

All in all, no matter what you do or don’t bring along, don’t let that stop you. Just get outside and have a great time. Enjoy the fresh air and change of season. Before you know it, Vegas will be too cold and we will be back to talking about all the indoor play choices once again.

Happy Fall!

By Michelle Vance

Park Season, Las Vegas!

Michelle Vance is a local Las Vegas writer, wife and mom. She has two children 4 and 6 years old. She loves to get out and explore everything Las Vegas has to offer.  All while sharing her experiences and helpful nuggets of info with other local moms to help make navigating motherhood just a little bit easier.

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