Help Your Child Develop a Positive Attitude

I consider myself to be the rock of my home and family. With that being said, I feel a sense of responsibility to set the tone and create a positive atmosphere in our home. I’m very big on practicing gratitude and developing ways of having a positive attitude. My husband feels the same way. Together, we try to pray and meditate as often as possible.

We believe it’s important to help our children develop a positive attitude with a gratitude-filled heart. It’s one legacy we want to leave to our children. We hope those traits can be passed down for generations to come.

I understand, not everyone is born with a positive attitude and some days we simply don’t feel like being happy. That’s completely okay! Make sure to find ways to maintain being inspired, positive and motivated so you can offer your family the best version of yourself.

I’d like to share some activities to help your child develop a positive attitude. These are suggestions that have worked for our family.

Remember, a negative mind will never give your family a positive life.

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1. Practice Positive Affirmations

Remind your child how strong, smart, and beautiful they are! Write them cute sticky notes and verbalize when you feel proud of them.

2. Prayer and/or Meditation

Engage your child in meditation and/or prayer. Nice phrases to say while meditating are “May you feel happy. May you feel healthy. May you feel loved. May you feel proud of yourself.”

3. Helping Others

Encourage your child to practice compassion. Brainstorm ideas on how they can help make a difference. You can also make volunteering a new family tradition. We like to choose one month out of the year in which we practice 30 days of kindness.

4. Count Your Blessings and/or Accomplishments

Our bedtime routine is to read a book and share all the great things that happened throughout the day. You can practice talking about accomplishments during drives to school, activities or at the dinner table.

5. Set Goals and Visualize

Set goals as a family and create vision boards. Excite your child about setting goals and accomplishing them.

6. Journaling

Together, start a journal and write down “happy” moments. Journals can include stories, stickers, and colorful drawings.

7. Share New Activities

If your child expressed interest in trying new activities, let them try it out. Be their biggest cheerleader.

8. Lead by Example

Share positive experiences with your child. Laugh with them, hug them, and show them how you deal with a negative situation.

Written by Joelly Favela



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