Power of Simple Postpartum Nutrition

Postpartum Nutrition


(Excerpts taken from Heng Ou’s “The first 40 Days”, pg. 25)

“Postpartum care dates back centuries and across continents. This care often occurs behind the closed doors of family homes and is passed on from woman to woman, from grandmother to granddaughter, midwife to client. These postpartum practices are not written in scientific literature or discussed in a ten-minute doctor visit. You’ll have to dig a little deeper to find it. But it’s there! Like a golden rope connecting women from one generation to the next, the protocol of caring for the new mother by unburdening her of responsibilities and ensuring she rests and nourishes her healing body, surfaces in wildly diverse places.”

“From India to Mexico, from Burma to Botswana, from Russia to Australia, and from the Middle East to ethnic communities in North American cities- this golden rope of care is long and strong. It holds families and societies together. Its individual threads are the millions of aunts, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and neighbors who have, since time immemorial, shown up with soup and clean sheets and a listening ear to serve the woman who has just given birth.”

Sharing Recipes

One of the recipes my “golden rope” passed to me was this beautiful drink called “Golden Milk.” My sister, also an intuitive cook, passed this healing drink down a while ago. I have since passed it down to my own daughter, and to countless women and new mothers. When my sister first told me about this tea and its anti-inflammatory healing properties and ingredients, I lit up. I could feel the soul of this drink.

Golden Milk

With one of my old weathered pots, I turned the flame low and smelled and tasted until my intuitive palate’s liking. I shared sips with my daughter, smiling, knowing she’s very much a part of this “golden rope of sisterhood.” Now carrying within her the wealth of “Golden Milk.” Depending on how and who is making it, the rich taste will vary. The women in my circle love adding a little extra honey and the coconut oil adds much depth to taste. It’s made with 6 of some of the earth’s top super foods!

Postpartum Nutrition

Ginger and Turmeric are a couple of the most amazing spices. Turmeric (along with the coconut oil) supports liver health and helps our thyroid to function at a higher efficacy. Black pepper increases the properties of the turmeric by 300%. Ginger aids in ridding our bodies of inflammation. Ginger is also clinically proven to be extremely effective at destroying and preventing cancer stem cells, the mother of cancer. Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar. Raw honey for enzymes and sweetness. Pink sea salt, when added with the honey, is said to work magic with our brain chemicals to help sleep deep.

Heal, Rest and Recharge

The first 6 weeks are pivotal in the health of a woman who has newly given birth. Allowing oneself to heal, rest, and recharge is important and is often easier said than done. Having the aide of a postpartum doula allows the 40 days of rest and recovery to be a welcoming reality. The postpartum period is filled with unknowns and uncertainties. Your doula will help anchor and attune, so that your world doesn’t fall off its axis.

“Together, These Spices Work to Create a Perfect Soothing Cup of Healing and Health.”

Cheers to Golden Milk and our ‘Golden Ropes’

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