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Binxy Baby

This cart hammock is a must-have for new moms. Safely secure your baby in your shopping cart and still have room to shop! The Binxy Baby holds up to 50 pounds, so you are sure to get plenty of uses out of this product. Made of durable cotton and comes in a variety of stylish patterns.

Tip: The car seat isn’t always secure when propped on the shopping cart, so you can also secure your car seat in the Binxy Baby for added safety.

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Ryco BNB Diaper Bag

The stylish Ryco BNB Diaper Bag will grow with your child and is super easy to clean. This versatile bag can be worn as a traditional shoulder bag or convert to a backpack. Tons of useful and meaningful pockets ensure everything is at your fingertips. Comes with a diaper changing pad, internal insulated bottle holder and pacifier pocket.

Tip: The large pocket in back stores and hides the backpack straps when used as a Messenger Bag.

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Toddlers can often sneak out of bed as quietly as mice. Traditional monitors might not do the trick as your little one grows older and decides to leave their room. The unique toddlermonitor™ hangs on the door and will detect the motion of the door. It then sends a notification to your phone that your toddler is on the move.

Tip: If you don’t close your toddler’s door at night, close it just enough that they have to move the door to leave the room.

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Snuza Hero

One thing many new parents find themselves doing is checking on baby’s breathing several times a night. Get that extra peace of mind with the Snuza Hero. Attach the device to baby’s diaper with the sensor on their stomach. The device detects even the slightest of movements while baby is sleeping. If there is 15 seconds of no movement, the device vibrates to wake baby. After three vibration incidents, a Rouse Warning will alert you that movement has stopped. If an additional 5 seconds of no abdominal movement is detected a sharp audible alarm will sound.

Tip: This is a very sensitive device, so it’s not recommended for co-sleeping.

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MAM Pacifier Wipes

Watching the pacifier fall to the dirty ground in slow motion is a nightmare for parents. There’s no bathroom nearby. Do I have another pacifier? Do I stick it in my mouth and clean it? Wipe it with a regular wipe that might leave a taste behind? MAM pacifier wipes to the rescue. Safely clean a pacifier with no alcohol, dyes, or parabens. Grab a few packs, one for the house, one for the car and one for the diaper bag.

Tip: Can also be used for teethers and toys.

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Syki Bath Support

This bath support is ideal for newborn to six months old. The unique ergonomic design allows baby to move their arms and legs freely while enjoying bath time. Can be used in the sink or bath with suction cups on the bottom for stability.

Tip: Use the built-in hook to hang for easy drying.

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