SeaQuest: Interactive Aquarium

“Immerse yourself in a world of discovery as SeaQuest takes you on an adventure through rainforests, deserts and the depths of the seas. “ -SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Located inside Boulevard Mall: The most convenient entrance is by the large SeaQuest sign near Goodwill. Once inside the mall, look for the main entrance to SeaQuest across from The Rex Center.

This is not what you’d expect from an aquarium. It’s inside the Boulevard Mall, away from the tourist attractions of Las Vegas. And that’s what has made SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium so popular among families looking for a different kind of exploration experience. It’s an escape from the heat and crowds. Designed as a ‘Quest of Edutainment’ you will find a blend of education and entertainment you won’t find anywhere else.

Pick up a map and follow the path to discovery. Animal feeding stations are located throughout. Your first feeding station when you enter will be the otters, sure to bring a smile to your face

.Along the way you’ll find hand sanitizing stations as you are sure to get your hands-on time with the animals. Stop for a break at the concession stand for snacks and refreshments.

The Sea Quest Bay Theater and Event Room is available for private parties and corporate events. Also available is the Sleep With The Sharks encounter, offering a one-of-a-kind sleep over experience. And possibly the most hands-on experience in the entire aquarium is the chance to snorkel with the stingrays!

Amazon Rainforest

Spend time with animals that live in rainforest trees, including iguanas, and with huge fish found in the Amazon River. Ever feed a Coatimundi? You can do it here.

Egyptian Desert Turtles, large lizards and snakes are among the creatures you’ll find in this desert area. If the resident turtle isn’t in his habitat, keep an eye out for him wandering the aquarium for some exercise!

California Coast Inspired by California’s Pacific coastline species, get your hands wet in the tide pool of crabs, snails, sea stars, lobsters and more.

Caribbean Cove View and feed the stingrays and exotic fish. Better yet, step in and snorkel with the stingrays for a 30 minute add-on experience. (they’re friendly). If you’re lucky, you might even spot the resident mermaid.

Creatures of Light

Marvel at the amazing natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. Many of the creatures in this room glow under different spectrums of light. Explore an exciting collection of scorpions, coral and other kinds of glowing life.

Adventurer's Boardwalk Take a break in this coastal promenade and experience interactive games, water tables and more! Grab a snack at the concession stand and enjoy an animal show on the stage.

Mayan Jungle

Spend some one-on-one time feeding the colorful lorikeets and parakeets. A perfect photo-op for you and your new feathered friend. Enjoy the fresh and salt water aquarium as well.

Pirate Island

Tropical fish fill up this pirate- themed area of the aquarium. Explore the depths of a sunken pirate ship and you might encounter Captain Quest himself!

Shark Lagoon

Here you’ll find several species of sharks that you can feed. The sharks aren’t dangerous and are well-adjusted to hand feedings, so it’s a must do! This is where your Sleep With Sharks private experience would take place.

Tips For Your First Visit

Wear Comfy, Non-Slip Shoes

You can count on spending at least two hours at the aquarium. Make sure everyone in the family wears comfortable shoes so you can fully enjoy the experience. There are areas that may have water on the floor, so if you can make it a non-slip shoe, that’s even better. Socks for the little ones are suggested so you can enjoy the jump house in the party room if a party isn’t booked during your visit.

If You Can, Leave the Stroller In The Car

If you have a walking age child, you’ll want to leave the stroller in the car. Being such an interactive and hands-on place, it will start to be a hassle taking your little one in and out of the stroller. There will most likely be crowds in certain areas, so it will make for a smoother experience if you don’t have to worry about the stroller. Pack a backpack and head in for some fun!

Adults Will Enjoy It Just As Much As The Kids

If you think this is going to be a day of activities just for the kids, you’re wrong. Adults will enjoy the entire aquarium just as much as the little ones. It’s truly filled with activities that you can enjoy with the entire family. From the animal feedings, to the shows, to the countless photo opportunities, this is a a family day that you’ll never forget — especially the adults.

Feeding Tokens

Tokens are used for interactive animal feedings throughout the aquarium. Insert your tokens in the vending style feeding machines at available exhibits. To prevent over feeding and keep the animals on a schedule, some feedings may not be available. Don’t worry, check back for the next feeding.

If purchasing a package online, spring for the package that includes tokens. It really completes the hands-on experience. Tokens never expire, so if you don’t use them all, save them for your next trip to the aquarium. Or, if you don’t want to save them for your next visit, you can use them as a credit towards a purchase in the gift shop, concessions or with the mermaid.





MON – SAT: 10 AM – 9 PM

SUN: 11 AM – 7 PM

Photos by Lala Photography, SeaQuest & Las Vegas Baby Magazine

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