Show Halloween Who’s Boss

Here are some quick tips to make your Halloween the least stressful as ghoulishly possible.

Some people absolutely love Halloween; the costumes, spooky decorations, themed food and the ghostly crafts are all their jam! Some people would rather keep their porch light off and ignore the fact that people are letting their children prowl the neighborhood in the dark to beg for candy. Whichever describes you, let’s face it: Halloween with kids happens, and it really is magical. So we say embrace it and show Halloween who’s boss!

Show Halloween Who's Boss

Start Early

Usually costumes will start appearing right after school starts back up, since it’s the next big shopping thing happening. Take advantage of the deals when they first come up. There is nothing worse than standing in the costume aisle only to find that Elsa costumes are all sold out and your little one will have to settle for a traditional princess costume. We all know how that will go — she isn’t going to have it, am I right? Let the kids be in on the decision but try and set expectations early enough for you to still get a great deal. Let’s be real, these costumes are only worn for one night, two if you’re lucky and your school let’s the kids wear the costumes to parade around in.

Consider School

Which brings up another point: If your kids are wearing costumes to school, you should make sure they can fit clothes underneath so they can take the costume off if it gets uncomfortable. Also, in some schools they may not be allowed to wear a mask or head piece. Keep school restrictions in mind when helping decide their costume choice. I experienced this mistake first-hand when I sent my Hulk to school where no masks were allowed. He came home disappointed in his costume, because the mask made the costume and without the mask no one really knew what he was supposed to be.

Dress Rehearsal

This might seem obvious, but make sure the costume fits well in advance of the big day. Meaning, your kids don’t trip over a gown and they can actually see out of the masks for safety (especially at night). A good fit means the most fun.


Where will you go trick or treating? If it’s your own neighborhood, think about a small group of friends to get together. Our kids always have so much fun doing this annual tradition with their buddies, they see their parents everyday and their friends are way more fun. Order some pizzas, buy some applesauce packs, juice boxes and call it a day. It’s an easy night to entertain because the kids are so excited to get out there they don’t eat much, and the parents really have a chance to catch up with the pre-planned activity taking place.

Stay Visible

For some safety in the dark check out the good old standby, Amazon, for some fun glow sticks, glow necklaces or flashlights to keep your little ones safe while trick or treating in the dark.

Do your research before the big day. Find out the details of your town rules. Is there a certain time that trick or treating is allowed? Does your neighborhood have a place like a local mall or shopping center that would be more fun and a safer environment for your family. If you’re one of those people that agreed with keeping your light off at the beginning of this article, maybe you should try one of the “Trunk and Treat” events around town. Your kids get to still dress up, but you can keep the crazy contained. No one likes it when they find out that night all off the porch lights off and they have nowhere go.

Have fun and take lots of pics!

Just enjoy the night, this season will be over before you know it and you will look over these memories knowing that you rocked it, had fun, and didn’t give yourself the unnecessary stress of being Pinterest Perfect.

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Happy Halloween!

Written by Michelle Vance

Michelle Vance is a local Las Vegas writer, wife and mom. She has two children 4 and 6 years old. She loves to get out and explore everything Las Vegas has to offer.  All while sharing her experiences and helpful nuggets of info with other local moms to help make navigating motherhood just a little bit easier.

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