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Being quarantined for several weeks sure does put a new spin on “simplicity,” doesn’t it? Use less toilet paper. Eat with purpose rather than indulgence. Get back to basics … and appreciate them. As a mom of three — a third-grader and 5-year-old twins — I quickly realized the need for routine and structure. Being a homeschool teacher doesn’t allow much time for pampering but I refuse to lose myself in all this craziness. Besides, my kids need me to be me.

Not sure if you saw the meme circulating when this whole quarantine thing started reading, “Coming out of quarantine like…” But it showcased four pictures that showed roots that needed a dye job badly, nails that had grown out as long as the natural bed, lashes that were uneven and thinned out, and out of control bushy eyebrows. Here are the most helpful things about beauty simplicity that the quarantine forced me to learn and practice so none of us look like any part of that meme.

Learn how to box dye your hair (Your hairdresser is cringing)

I’ve been doing this for a while now, well the roots anyway. Lucky for me, I have the skill set and a backup kit to get this done. However, the quarantine does add in the silver lining that if this is your first time at this particular rodeo, no one can see any botched results. It does take a bit of practice, but it’s a great money and time saver to keep your ‘do fresh in between salon visits or when everything is closed and you have no choice. I have found much success in the Ion brand, and this kit comes with everything you need (although I do recommend picking up a professional hair dye applicator brush for an easier application).

Know how to remove your faux nails and have a stash of Color Street

If you haven’t tried Color Street yet, find yourself a rep and take advantage of their Buy 3 Get 1 all-the-time offer. They’re by far my new fave nail product! These nail polish stickers are so easy to apply, dry instantly and wear well. I always looked forward to Mommy-and-me mani and pedi’s with my daughter, but sometimes they’d pretty much be ruined right after we left the chairs. So now, my 5-year-old and me look forward to bi-weekly mani-pedi’s at home. The biggest bonus? The fun styles that are ever-changing ensure you are always on trend.

These nail polish remover clips are great to have on hand too. Combined with acetone, you can remove your pre-existing polish or nails without hurting your skin if you can’t get to your nail tech.


Go old school and master the art of falsie lash application


Lash extensions are beautiful, though I tend to avoid them as it is yet something else that robs me of my time and money. Get some lash strips and some lash glue and put those babies on yourself. It can be frustrating at first, but I promise you it gets easier the more you do it.

Once you perfect the technique, they’ll look as fresh as they do the first day you get them filled at a salon. Check out my Free Facebook Group, Beauty and Wellness 101 for falsie application tips, techniques and “how-to” tutorials.

Wash your face, wash your hands, and wash your brushes!

If you weren’t doing this anyway, you absolutely should be by now. After all, great skin starts with clean skin, and dirty hands or dirty brushes on clean skin makes dirty skin. “Don’t touch your face” will forever be embedded in our heads. However, I’m going to modify that slightly for you. Don’t touch your face except to wash it, and make sure you’ve washed your hands first! Every night your skin regenerates itself so if it’s not clean, it will age more quickly; no one wants that. Additionally, product works best at night while you and your skin are at rest so take advantage of this time.

Now that hygiene is on the forefront of our minds, let’s talk make-up brushes. They are loaded with oily makeup residue, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Eww! Dermatologists recommend that you should clean each makeup brush at least every 7-10 days, especially those you use most often like foundation and concealer brushes.


This brush-cleaning kit makes the project fun. Along with your brushes, make sure you have a quality set of tweezers (not the cheap ones found at the checkout line in the grocery store). Make sure the tweezers are sanitized after each use as well.

The changes we’ve all had to make because of a highly-contagious virus have have reminded us to take frequent pauses and use common sense. Be more careful about sanitizing. Take time to wash your hands and face completely. Be serious about cleaning your beauty tools and applicators. Slow down and make time for yourself. Yes, actually schedule some time for you! Make every single day a time of hope and rebirth And allow your look to match the positivity of the season.

Simple Beauty

Angelica Bongiorno has been in the Beauty Industry for over 20 years. She is a wife and mom of three children, a 9-year-old son and 5-year-old girl/boy twins.

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