Simple Beauty: Summer Edition

Simple Beauty: Summer Edition

Tanning has received a bad rep over the last decade or so, and not undeservedly so. But I have to admit, I feel an extra boost of self-esteem and confidence when my skin has a summer glow. Beauty and tanning are low-key besties because being tan helps to hide complexion defects and adds natural contouring. And let’s face it mamas, nothing that screams “Summer!” more than that sun-kissed glow.

Here are some of my favorite summer ready, triple-digit temp prep products that should be on your must-have list this season, along with some tips and tricks to help keep it simple.


Fake it ‘til You Make it

“Fake it ‘til you make it” isn’t such a bad thing when it comes to tanning. I recommend starting the summer with a “fake” tan. After all, the only true “safe” tan is a sunless one. An additional plus is that it will prep your skin for its introduction to the sun’s first rays of the season. Personally, I like to start the summer with a spray tan and then maintain it with daily or bi-weekly applications of a lotion, cream, mousse, or pad (depending on the product and usage recommendation).

Speaking of self-tanner, there are so many of us who are hesitant to use it, and rightfully so! Some streak, some have an unpleasant scent, and some develop an orange tinge. Luckily, self-tanners have come a long way! In my opinion, one of the best self-tanner products on the market right now is Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads. There can’t be anything more simple than this tanning product. It’s the only exfoliating and anti-aging self-tanner with active vitamin D that firms, smooths bumpy skin, and helps reduce hair growth.

Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask is another top product. It has the most natural pigment and hydrating formula so you’ll wake up to the best skin of your life that is sun-kissed, supple, and sexy.

La Mer’s Face and Body Gradual Tan is a beautiful product as well; it’s infused with the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, the heart of LaMer’s “profound powers of transformation,” and it delivers an even, natural looking glow.

Make sure that no matter which product you use, start the application process by exfoliating. And use an applicator such as a tanning mitt. I use St. Tropez’s. This will keep your hands from needing to be scrubbed so they don’t turn orange.


Stay sun-savvy this summer by exploring all of your SPF options. It’s so important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that will not only cause you to burn, but also contribute to premature aging, damage and could be cancer causing. Well, no thank you to any of that!

Make sure to use sunscreen with these three essentials: SPF 30 (or higher), broad-spectrum protection (UVA/UVB), and water resistance. And by the way, side note – the blue light that you are getting from your smartphone and computer may be damaging your skin as well, so make sure your sunscreen is loaded with antioxidants. Check out Clinique Super City Block SPF 45, Clarins UV Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Multi Protection, or Dior One Essential City Defense.

Here’s my makeup routine for a quick summer look, and I’m talking quick (10 minutes or less):

Find makeup with built-in SPF. Some of my favorites include Amore Pacific Cushion Compact with SPF 50, Supergroup! Invincible Setting Powder with SPF 45 and LaMer’s Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation with SPF 20.

SPFNext, hide those dark circles under your eyes. It happens to everyone. Maybe you didn’t catch enough Z’s because you stayed up to work (or binge watch a favorite show). Or maybe your little ones woke up early … and woke you up, too. I’ve discovered an easy way to go from looking like something the cat dragged in to looking like the cat’s meow. First, add concealer to your beauty routine. I use YSL touché eclat under my eyes to brighten and conceal without enhancing my wrinkles.

Afterwards, I dust my face with Hourglass’ Ambient palette. I use the bronze portion of the palette under my cheek bones.  Apply anywhere else the sun would hit naturally to give that sun-kissed look.  You can also use it in the crease of your eye for a little definition.

I use the highlighter portion of this palette on my cheekbones and under my brow bone for a healthy glow.  Then I pop Nars Multiple Stick cream blush in the color “Orgasm” on the apples of my cheeks for a natural-looking flush.

I finish up with some swipes of mascara, some tinted Anastasia brow gel, and a lip treatment tint – with sunscreen of course – from Fresh.

I’m out the door looking primped, polished, and summer sun kissed.

I hope you find this information informative and helpful. I can’t wait to see all of you mamas out there this summer getting your glow on! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @Beautymom702 for all your Simple Beauty needs.

Simple Beauty

Angelica Bongiorno has been in the Beauty Industry for over 20 years, the majority of those years working with a well-known international Fashion Retailer. She is a wife and mom of three children, a 7-year-old son and 3-year-old girl/boy twins.

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