Super Food Explorer Kit

Discover Food One Poke, Rattle, Sniff, Slurp at a Time

Most kids are well known to be selective eaters. At any point in doing this job called parenting, you can always find another parent who needs to pick your brain on what you feed your child because theirs is refusing to eat anything. There are so many ideas to read, research, or try out. But we might have discovered the best answer yet. Meet the Super Food Explorer Kit, created by The Happy Bite Company™. The tagline says it all: “Discover Food One Poke, Rattle, Sniff, Slurp at a Time”.  The creator of the kit, Dina Rose, Ph.D., is a sociologist, parent educator, feeding expert and author. She developed it to allow children to use all of their senses to understand and enjoy the foods they’re eating. We were provided with the Super Food Explorer Kit and this is our experience with it.

The Kit

The kit comes equipped with everything your kids will need to evaluate a variety of foods. It even offers great descriptive words.  This helps kids clearly tell you what they like about each food.  While also learning what makes certain food taste bad to them. We found it to be fun and entertaining “detective work” on what kinds of foods each kid will or will not happily eat … and why. I’d say this kit will work best on 4 to 6-year-old.  They’re better equipped to use their senses and then explain to you their description and reasoning of each food, making it easier for you to be able to introduce new foods based on their analysis.

The kit includes a spiral-bound notebook that begins with a great list of foods to try. It also has activity sheets so you can start using senses to describe those foods, assign them ratings, and compare and contrast between similar kinds of foods. The kit provides all the tools you will need to follow the book and work through each activity.  4 tasting spoons, 1-32x magnifying glass, child-sized tongs, eye droppers, mini cups, exploration tray, colored pencil kit, laminated discovery card,  progress chart and it all fits in a small insulated lunch-box sized bag.

Compare, Taste and Smell

My kids enjoyed coming up with crazy words to compare jelly beans, oranges, and carrots and see how they are alike and different. They also learned a few things about how certain foods like pears and apples look similar on the inside but once you compare, taste and smell them they are very different fruits. One even became a new favorite. Teaching them new descriptive words to describe food also led the way to exciting meal conversations at our house.

If you have a picky or selective eater, and are struggling to find new things for them to eat, or are just looking for a family activity to explore your kids’ palette, I would recommend picking up your own Super Food Explorer Kit. You might find out, with a little creative exploration, your child actually likes spinach and never even knew it.

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