Teaching Children About Compassion, Perseverance, and Friendship

Book Reviews by Pamela Lang
When author Georgeanne Irvine was a child she slept with a dozen stuffed animals on her bed and dreamed of taking care of wild animals. Her lifelong career at the San Diego Zoo is testimony to her passion. Her three children’s books celebrating an orangutan, a flamingo and a cheetah are touching stories told from her experiences.

Karen’s Heart

Karen's Heart Karen’s Heart follows a newborn orangutan at the zoo who arrives at the zoo’s animal nursery weighing just three pounds and not eating. The real-life photos of this little charmer are accompanied by stories of how her caretakers nursed her back to health. Her human-like expressions tug at the heart and make the reader fall in love.

Fabulous Floyd

Fabulous Floyd

Fabulous Floyd is the true story of a flamingo born with two left feet. Kids and adults will be drawn into Floyd’s struggle and his determination to be the friendliest flamingo in the flock. The story is a powerful lesson about the importance of a positive attitude and never giving up. Photos of Floyd will bring a smile to readers and remind them that friends can make all the difference.

Ruuxa and Raina

Ruuxa & Raina Finally, Ruuxa and Raina is the story of a cheetah and a dog who wind up becoming the most unlikely of friends. Their experience shows how magical it is to have someone beside you through good times and bad. For any child going through surgery or medical problems this story tells how love and compassion can conquer the hardest days. And, the sweet photos just make you want to cuddle up with this adorable cheetah and his pal!

Ms Irvine’s books are beautifully photographed. They offer just enough detail to promote the wonderful conversation between parents and their little readers. Suggested reading age 3-10, making these stories the kinds of books you’ll want on your home library self for a long time.

Pamela Lang

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