This Spring, I Promise To…

It’s the time of year of new beginnings, and let’s face it who has stuck with the New Year’s resolutions you promised to keep? With a fresh new season and some solid days of sunshine, our mind begins to flutter with all the possibilities that are available out there to conquer.

It’s now spring: fresh air, sunshine, birds singing and new beginnings are all around us. What’s on your to-do list this season? Embracing spring, here in Vegas, can have a limited window, so enjoy the springtime flowers, new smells, colors, and new life.  Get outside and breathe the fresh air before going out becomes less enjoyable.

Deviate From Your Standard Spring Cleaning

Here are some choices we had in mind that may deviate from your standard “spring cleaning,” but are just as much needed as cleaning around the house or changing the batteries in the smoke detector (but please do that too).

  • Grab a coffee, find a cozy spot and pick up that book you’ve meant to finish. Sounds delightful, right? Some alone time and accomplishing a task is just the thing to get yourself in a fresh mindset this spring.
  • Text some friends and schedule some time with them. A quick lunch, shopping trip or be bold and plan a weekend away. Whatever “date” you decide, plan on it sans kids. Research has suggested when we spend time with friends and maintain our friendships it improves our health. Have some fun and leave the kiddos at home just for a little while! You deserve it!
  • Sign up for a spinning or yoga class at the gym. Start a running group with friends, or meet your neighbor for a walk after school drop-off. No matter how you move, it will no doubt clear your mind and make you feel great too.
  • Call your hairdresser. It’s probably time for that fresh cut you have been putting off, get a manicure or what about a whole spa day. How does that sound for revitalizing your mind and body?
  • Give your closet a refresh. Donate your unwanted clothes to a local women’s shelter so are enjoyed by someone new. Out with the old and in with the new, create fresh and exciting possibilities for all.

All of these possibilities can and should happen with the fresh season feeling as it’s at the forefront of our minds. So change up your spring cleaning routine, and add “me” time into your list this year, even if you add only one thing to your list. Taking a small break from ‘parenting’ is essential to being your best self; for yourself and your kids. So whatever you choose, make it something new this season and enjoy the experience with a fresh sense of adventure.

Vegas Winter

Snowy Mountains

Vegas Snow

Snowy Branches

After the Vegas winter that gave us those unexpected snow days; take the time to enjoy the small moments. While I was watching the delight that the snow brought to my little desert kids it made me more mindful to embrace those little moments within our family. Take some time to reflect on parenthood because no matter the season you are in; raising these little people is the hardest job you will ever have. The position includes the most responsibility, a complete lack of control, constant criticism from yourself and sometimes others, it’s emotionally draining, time-sucking, and the absolute most beautiful job all wrapped into one. The small moments matter most.  Taking the time to enjoy them should always be happening, but sometimes we need to be reminded just a little.

Written by: Michelle Vance     Photos by: Michelle Vance

Michelle Vance is a local Las Vegas writer, wife and mom. She has two children 4 and 6 years old. She loves to get out and explore everything Las Vegas has to offer, all while sharing her experiences and helpful nuggets of info with other local moms to help make navigating motherhood just a little bit easier.

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