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Written by Joelly Favela

This past year my husband, Jonathan, and I decided it was time for our young boys to experience the true culture of our family’s heritage in Mexico. The boys loved it! Despite their young ages, I’m sure they’ll never forget the experience, even if it means remembering through the pictures.

Our first stop was Mexico City where the boys were exposed to authentic food, museums, and important landmarks. Our family photo album now includes photos from El Castillo de Chapultepec, El Museo de Frida Kahlo, La Basilica de Guadalupe, and the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

But it was our stop in my parents’ hometown of Carreras, Durango that made the deepest impression. While visiting Carreras we got to enjoy the simple life.

— And we mean simple — no internet, limited television, and at times no electricity. We did beautiful hikes to the Santa Cruz, Coliaderas en el Lienzo Charro, mountain climbing en la Cantera. Our boys got to experience a big city and a small town in Mexico. I strongly encourage parents to expose their children to their roots, but I also understand it can be a scary thing to travel with little children to another country. To make the journey a little smoother I have gathered up a few tips.

Travel Tips


Begin packing weeks in advance. I suggest you begin packing at least 3 weeks before your trip. Start jotting down a list of necessities as they come to mind. Planning ahead will reduce your stress level.

If possible, try to book late flights. Your children are more likely to sleep through the flight.

Consider if you are better off traveling with your car seats or simply renting or buying one at travel destination.


Pack different activities to keep them entertained. Books, small toys, snacks and activity pads.

Pack extra diapers and formula along with bottled water.

Don’t leave home without required medication. You never know how your children will respond to the change of climate or food intake, so make sure you are prepared.

Travel Time

Communicate with your children. Tell them stories, show them pictures, and get them excited for the trip.

Have your older children help roll the smaller carry-ons. Children will help while getting a sense of achievement.

Try not to skip nap and meal times. Nothing can make children or parents (in my case) grumpier than skipping meals and naps.

Don’t forget to enjoy the moments and make memories! Everything might not go exactly as planned, but it will go exactly how it was meant to be.

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