Valentine’s Day Pinterest Pass or Fail

Local Las Vegas Families Try Pinterest Crafts


We are thinking of unique ideas to help spread the love on Valentine’s Day for our children’s classrooms. Rather than passing out candy, we’ve opted for DIY Crayon Valentines. Prepare to spend at least 30-45 minutes working on this craft — trust us, it will be worth it.  Grab all your little hands available and have them assist in peeling the wrappers off the crayons and breaking them into smaller pieces. Place into mold and put in oven at 230° for 15 minutes. Place them in refrigerator to cool down. Once they are solid, remove from the mold.

Tip: The back of the crayons will have a dull faded shade to them, but the front will be a beautiful mess of colors that is fun for all ages to enjoy!


We created mini gumball machines using plastic ornaments, red solo cups, and gumballs. Have an adult cut the cups half way with a razor and then clean up rim with scissors. On the bottom of the cup, cut an ‘X’ for the ornament to be inserted. Using a 3-1/2” ornament, we are able to fill half of the ball with gumballs and insert into the cup. Afterwards, we placed a tag that read “I Chews You!”

Tip: Ornament sizes and styles may vary. We used one with a removable hook to insert the gumballs through, but you can find the fillable ornaments online at

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