Vegas Golden Knights Foundation and Spread the Word Nevada

Celebrate the Adoption of Red Rock Elementary School

This past December, the students at Red Rock Elementary School received an exciting surprise. Not only did their school get adopted by Spread the Word Nevada (STWN), but the adoption is sponsored by the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation.

Spread the Word Nevada, Inc., is a children’s literacy nonprofit dedicated to advancing early childhood literacy.  They place books into the hands and homes of children within Nevada’s at-risk, low-income communities.

Since 2001, STWN has distributed more than 4.8 million books to approximately 542,000 low-income youth in Nevada.

The Vegas Golden Knights Foundation

The Vegas Golden Knights Foundation gifted a $50,000 grant that will provide amazing programs to Red Rock Elementary. These programs include monthly book distributions for each child through the Kids to Kids program; the Breakfast with Books monthly family literacy program; and the sponsorship of an on-site classroom that will house the STWN Books & Buddies mentoring program.

“The Vegas Golden Knights Foundation is excited to work with STWN in support of building literacy among Nevada families,” says Vegas Golden Knights president, John Coogan. “We’ve been extremely impressed with the great impact that STWN is delivering throughout Southern Nevada and are honored to help carry that impact to the students and families of Red Rock Elementary School.”

The enthusiasm from the Golden Knights is infectious. “We are grateful the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation is as passionate as we are about fostering literacy in Nevada,” says Lisa Habighorst, STWN Executive Director. “The Golden Knights and STWN only do things in a BIG way, so partnering to change the lives of 800 children with our programs makes perfect sense!”

59th school adopted by Spread the Word Nevada

We had the pleasure of attending the 59th school adoption.  Certainly the best part of the day is when the children get to select their books to start their at-home library. Some kids rush through and grab their books with excitement. However, others take their time and really look for books that pique their interest. Spread the Word Nevada and their programs help these children develop a love of reading.

Their at-home libraries promote future academic achievement and self-confidence, which impacts lifelong success.

In conclusion, STWN is dedicated to advancing childhood literacy within low-income communities by changing lives one book at a time. Along with the support of the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation, they have achieved that once again for the community.

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