The aMACEing Zero Leak Baby Bottle

Ever heard of a child-proof baby bottle?

Zero Leak Baby BottleDid you know baby bottles can pose health related, and even life threatening risks to your baby? Childproofing is a hot topic among parents. Many areas of the home are “child-proofed” so that they are made safe for babies and children. One item has often been overlooked: the baby bottle.  Let us introduce you to the zero leak baby bottle.

You may have noticed it is difficult to find a baby bottle that does not leak from the nipple. Most parents would love bottles with a feature that prevents messy spills and wasted breast milk/formula.

Evidence suggests that a leak-proof baby bottle could actually reduce the risk of ear infections and tooth decay.

Tooth decay in babies is known to be caused by prolonged exposure to liquids like milk or juice. The risk is increased when a baby is feeding on a bottle and falls asleep with it, allowing milk to keep dripping even after the baby is done drinking. The milk pools in the baby’s mouth and increases the chances of tooth decay as the teeth are exposed to a greater amount of milk and other sugary fluids. Those same liquids can pool in the back of the mouth and make their way into the Eustachian tube and middle ear, potentially causing an ear infection.

In addition to tooth decay and ear infections, leaking bottles can be fatal. A recent BBC news article described how a coroner announced a baby’s death to be caused by inhaling milk while drinking from a propped bottle that was leaking. It seems the baby stopped drinking but the milk kept leaking out of the bottle. With the bottle propped in his mouth, the baby didn’t have the ability to remove the bottle which resulted in fatal asphyxiation. In this case a leak-proof baby bottle could have saved the baby’s life.

You might say, “Well the bottle should not have been propped like that in the first place.”

Although this is true, bottle propping still happens.  Sometimes it’s not the parents but the babysitter or other individual who may do it.

Zero Leak Baby Bottle For this reason, the aMACEing ZERO LEAK® baby bottle has been dubbed “The Child-Proof Baby Bottle.” It’s designed to be safe in every way possible. It’s BPA free, lead free, phthalates free, leak-proof, and features an anti-colic nipple made with 100% silicone.

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